Diplo Collides Worlds with CL, RiFF RAFF, and OG Maco in “Doctor Pepper”

Diplo collides worlds with CL, RiFF RAFF, and OG Maco in "Doctor Pepper"
Diplo x CL x RiFF RAFF x OG Maco – Dr. Pepper

Diplo is at the peak of his powers – everything he touches is infectious. With this latest track, he calls upon KPOP star/rap queen CL from 2ne1, RiFF RAFF, and Atlanta rapper OG Maco.

On paper the quintet looks absolutely insane. How could it ever work?

In the beginning of the track, Diplo’s unique style creeps slowly in on you as CL’s immediate vocal hooks are presented. CL is the queen of the rap game in Korea. If you listened to Skrillex’s album, Recess, you heard her destroy “Dirty Vibe” along with YG Entertainment labelmate G-Dragon.

She recently signed with Scooter Braun and is looking to release a debut U.S. album this year. While her vocal talent far exceeds the limited showcase on “Doctor Pepper”, fans will see what she’s capable of in her debut U.S. release.

Diplo collides worlds with CL, RiFF RAFF, and OG Maco in "Doctor Pepper"
Atlanta’s own, OG Maco.

RiFF RAFF, the self proclaimed “Neon Icon”, has been in the limelight as of late due to his relationship with Katy Perry. Notorious for his irregular vocal delivery and word choice, RiFF RaFF accentuates the weirdness of “Doctor Pepper”. Somehow, RiFF RAFF makes the non-sensical colorful and workable. While short, his verse extends the slinky groove of the bass line and matches it to a “T” when everyone weaves in and out of the beat.

OG Maco is also included on the track. Widely known for his track, “U Guessed It”, his unique Altanta based flow and lyricism puts him at the heart of “Doctor Pepper”. He drops it full throttle, hitting cadences you wouldn’t know existed as he weaves around beats for his verses.

When all of these artists come together you have the perfect “Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz”-type slugging track.

Don’t read too much into it and have fun – you too will get lost in the colorful, zany world of Diplo.

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