Event Guide: Digital Impact Festival, A Global Transformative Charity Event

Originally held out in the mountains of British Columbia, Impact Festival goes digital this weekend for a global transformative charity event running live this Thursday-Sunday, July 16th -19th.

Digital Impact Festival unites 100+ Artists, 50+ Workshops, Live Art, 3D Stages & World, a Zoom dancefloor and more for four causes this year: ActBlue Bail Bonds, True North Water, Artist Relief Impact Fund and Impact Festival Society. The lineup was just released, offerings a wild selection of progressive music, a ton of bass, tribute sets and transformational speakers.

Explore the artists and showcases that make up the lineup through the official playlist while learning more about Impact Festival’s roots and developments.

Some notable takeovers include CHACHOU, UnifyGaia, Zilla Live and Earth Charter International of the United Nations.

“IMPACT started in 2019 with bringing in over 80 musical acts and various art installations and workshops. With the help of our community and the ENUF foundation we were able to raise $40,000 for charity in our first year.

The $40,000 was given equally to WE Water Charity and True North Aid – Remote first nations relief.

IMPACT is a lifestyle, by attending the event you will not only help to transform the world but it will also transform you. When you leave this festival you will have a new appreciation for life and community that will carry with you for years to come.” – Impact Festival Family

The 4 Causes of Digital Impact Festival 

ActBlue – Bail Funds

Supporting those wrongly prosecuted for non-violently protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We are all doing what we can to create a world with equal opportunity & stand with those making a positive impact for our world.

True North Water

We believe everyone deserves the right to have safe access to clean drinking water. True North Water funds clean water projects in developing countries & within First Nations communities. Approximately 70 First Nations communities are still on a long term water boil advisory & are in need of clean water.

Artist Relief Impact Fund

Countless artists rely on shows for financial security. With all in-person festivals canceled for the foreseeable future, many artists are struggling immensely. You will be able to support all participating artists in a variety of ways, including direct donations

Impact Festival Society

Our non-profit society will multiply donations for the charities we fundraiser for through our fundraiser festivals year-round. By supporting Impact, you are investing in positive change.

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