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For one of their latest podcasts, DHA presents London’s secret weapon, Hammer.



Hammer provides Feel My Bicep’s first release of 2018 with his first solo outing on the label. He released an EP titled, C-Space, built of instant gratification with all the right deep house feels. On top of that, Hammer managed to put together a glistening. always evolving 350th edition of DHA’s mix series. Take a listen and scope the tracklist below.

Listen to Hammer’s Deep House Amsterdam Podcast:


Bufi – Bird Song (Kiwi Remix)
Hammer – Atlantic 252
Phil Kieran – Polyryhthmic
Floyd Lavine – Masala (David Mayer Remix)
Yak – Mido
Chaos In The CBD – A Comfort Zone
Forriner – Goodnight (Shit Robot Disco Dub)
Kiwi – Paco
Phil Kieran – Last Train To Melbourne
white label
Forriner – Fizzy Pinballs
Hammer – C-Space
Aera – Running Hot

Next listen to Hammer’s debut EP, C-Space, featuring 3 galactic tracks that all play with rich, sweeping chords, 80’s synth lines and sharp cuts.

Hammer C-Space


C-Space EP comes as the first ‘Feel My Bicep’ release since the success of Bicep’s self-titled debut album. Listen below.

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