Deceptaconz Brings the Club-Ready Trap for ‘I Got What You Want’

Bradford Smith is Deceptaconz, a name that echoes through the hallowed halls of music production. This Indiana native has been busy making waves as a full-time independent music producer and DJ, honing his craft and creating a signature sound that’s hard-hitting and electrifying. From Fort Wayne to Las Vegas and all across the US, Deceptaconz has been on the move, gaining notoriety for his live performances featuring the Human Drum Machine, HDM.

With a repertoire spanning across genres such as Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, Trap, R&B, Rock, Gospel, Country, and Soul, he’s had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the game, including Grammy Award-winning/nominated artists like Fatman Scoop, King Louie, Killer Mike, Bolo, M-16, KnowleDj, and many more.  But it doesn’t stop there. Deceptaconz has also made a splash in television, commercials, and independent movies, proving that his music has universal appeal.

Deceptaconz’s music transcends genre boundaries, defying categorization and impossible to pin down to any one particular style, a true artist.  Over the past year, Deceptaconz has released a forward-thinking bass house mix and a trap mix.

Today we are here to present Deceptaconz’, ‘I Got What You Want’, featuring a long-time collaborator and rapper, EMC Scotty and more of the project’s backstory during an exclusive interview. Get ready to dance, Deceptaconz brings the trap that is going to spark the dance floor, certified with EMC Scotty’s hook.

Deceptaconz ‘I Got What You Want’

When and how did this project all start?  When did the Human Drum Machine come into the picture? 

This project started right after COVID but I chose not to release anything because I was producing several other artist projects at the time.  HDM is an old friend of mine and he plays percussion on a lot of tracks I produce. So for HDM to join Deceptaconz was natural.  Also, the reason why he wears a full mask is because he was abducted by aliens.


Deceptaconz’ Discography

What has been some of your favorite moments while DJing and navigating the music industry? 

On tour with DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia and producing a track called Bottle Poppa with Fatman Scoop and KnowleDJ.

What are your favorite pieces of equipment and samples to use when playing live? 

CDJ and Mpc. HDM use Alesis Percussion Pad.  

Can you share a little about how ‘I Got What You Want’ developed and offer an exclusive quote around the release please?  

So when I chop up the Melody I called EMC Scotty to the studio and we came up with the hook together and she wrote her verse in 15mins.  

How did you meet EMC Scotty?  Any good memories together? 

I met EMC Scotty through a songwriter friend while she was working with DJ Kay Slay.  We write a lot of songs together.  

EMC Scotty

Can you share some of the gospel and country that you produced? 

I producer for this gospel rap artist name Allegro Nevella, she had a distribution deal with EONE a few years back.

What are 5 tracks you feel are at the forefront of electronic music?  

‘Dem Fraid’ (Boombox Cartel), ‘Redlight’ (Swedish House Mafia), ‘Love 2.0’ (WukiWorld), ‘XENA’ (Skrillex), ‘Chaos Emerald’ (Gladez).

Favorite trap track? 

‘Prison Riot’ (Flosstradamus, Lil Jon)

What was one of the first trap artists you started to listen to? 


Do you know of any underground rappers or hip-hop artists that people should know about? 

I’m currently working with this new Quiane Crews he just dropped a single called ‘Time Will Tell’. 

If music is the answer, then what could be the question? 

What comes first?   

Where can people catch you performing next? 

I will be here in Vegas EDC the week of May 20. I’m still awaiting the full details,

Do you have any new releases or collaborations in the works?  

We got a song new called “We Outside” dropping in May with Don P from Trillville


Deceptaconz Online: 

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