Deadmau5 and Laidback Luke Small Talk


Small Talk

Deadmau5 & Laidback Luke
Photo via Facebook

Surely, very few of us knew that Laidback Luke does not drink coffee, or that Deadmau5 might have played a role in a fender bender in LA. These were just some of the topics of the small talk between the two super stars on their coffee lacking “coffee run” in the streets of Miami this past Winter Music Conference. Other topics included their latest projects, personal lives and some very creative  jokes towards other DJs and even themselves. The 26 minute video posted by Deadmau5 on his youtube channel shows raw footage of the DJs simply conversing as they take the Ferrari out for a spin on the Miami streets. Be sure to check out the video below and be the judge on just how light-hearted their talk was.

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