DANGER Resurfaces with Cinematic Electro Hit “6:24” and New Tour Announcement

French musician DANGER is back! One of the most elusive musicians out there, he announced a return last year only to disappear after a slew of live shows.

You may remember DANGER, aka Franck Rivoire, as his first EP 09/14 2007  burst into the world with the hit “11h30”. It’s electro style was heavily influenced by heavy rave synths, pulsing/scattered juke percussions, and Justice “D.A.N.C.E.” style vocal sample on top.

Immediately after, he went into hiding and 3 years later he released his most impressive EP to date, 09/17 2007 with juggernaut electro tracks “4h30”, “3h11”, and “3h16”.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, he dropped the track “6:24” along with a special announcement on Facebook.

DANGER - "6:24"
DANGER – “6:24”

The announcement reads “It starts June 30 in Paris.”DANGER is known for his unbelievable shows as his cinematic electronic sound naturally puts the listener into another world. Add in heavy bass lines, and a perfectly crafted light show (last tour involved him playing his set on top of a grand piano), and he is the best live act you have never seen.

Not to mention how rare he plays as it is, you would be even luckier to see him as he rarely enters the United States. When DANGER drops a track, the community feels it to the core.

“6:24” begins with his trademark bells that sound like they belong in a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie or an action-based video game.

A droning, echoed bellow careens through the entrance like a melting horn. Pulsing, large timpani-like drums add to the cinematic landscape DANGER is so fond off.

DANGER live via Facebook.com/2emedanger
DANGER live via Facebook.com/2emedanger

Without wasting anytime, he dives in and the tempo doubles. Barely a minute into the track, the heavy layered bass line swells with distorted horns – something feels like it’s coming and it’s the size of the moon.

It’s hard to not listen to DANGER and immediately feel transported into a cinematic experience. The track weaves in and out of this heavy electro feeling, into darker ambient moments to keep you glued to his sound.

DANGER explodes all over the 4 minute long track, in a triumphant way to announce his return.

This new track along with the new tour announcement bodes well for any fan of electronic music – DANGER is officially back:

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