Clawdeeoh and Valoramous Harness the Euphoria of ‘Coming Home’

You may have gone to a war or just a long trip to finally find yourself coming home, a moment that can bring chills. This euphoria is what Clawdeeoh and Valoramous harnessed in their first collaboration, ‘Coming Home’. Inspired by the sounds of Avicii, ‘Coming Home’ builds on the classic piano and warm vocals by Weldon to burst into a progressive dance music melody. Adding their Texas roots, Clawdeeoh and Valoramous create a tasteful blend of country pop and mainstage summer vibes.

Clawdeeoh learned the true value of having a home after spending fifteen months in Iraq during his service in the U.S. Army. “A feeling unlike any other” says Clawdeeoh, which is certainly worthy of writing a song about. Just try to imagine that feeling soldiers get homeward bound… ‘Coming Home’ encourages listeners to reminisce on times you have direly returned home or maybe even start planning a trip home now. 

Valoramous share, “As summer approaches, the days grow longer, schools enter recess, students graduate and return home or move to new areas, and families plan and embark on vacations. We hope that ‘Coming Home’ will enhance and uplift the various experiences of our audiences’!” To him, coming home means “reuniting with friends and family, and sharing in an initial joyous embrace as both parties innately desire to converse and discuss recent events during the lapsed time frame of each other’s lives.

Prior to ‘Coming Home’ Clawdeeoh has flexed his ability to produce music across a wide range of genres from trap and future bass to progressive house and big room with his 2020 releases attracting 29,000 listeners and garnering 706+ hours of airtime.

Valoramous, the James Bond of Producers, is now located in Germany keeping the vibes up during the lockdown with impressive DJs sets and releasing ecstatic singles like ‘Quarantine Lover’ and ‘Nobody Else’,  but claims ‘Coming Home’ is “unquestionably my favorite track thus far in my career.”

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