Claire Guerreso & Deepend Create Something Special With “I’m Just A Skipping Stone”

Bringing their latest sounds to Ultra Music right now is production outfit Deepend, who together with singer/songwriter Claire Guerreso have created the rather stunning “I’m Just A Skipping Stone.” The duo have had a great few months, with one of their other recent remixes – Matt Simons’ “Catch & Release” still seeing considerable success.

The track is a remake of Guerreso’s solo single “Skipping Stones”, which hit Number 5 on the US Shazam Future Hits chart, and it keeps her divine vocals as a key point of focus throughout.

Deepend’s production here is impeccable, carving their groove-ridden beat and bass line into the melody with ease – it will be enough to keep their name in the spotlight as the year progresses.

This one is available to purchase here.