SoundCloud, the popular music streaming service slammed the news on potentially shutting down the site due to financial instability. Following the number of office closings and the release of nearly 40 percent of their staff, claims of SoundCloud shutting down completely in a mere 80 days erupted.

Losing such audio platform raises real concerns for A-list celebs, like Chance The Rapper, who actually caught the limelight and ticket into the industry via SoundCloud.

Photo via Chance The Rapper Facebook

Amid the rumors circulating, Chance The Rapper reassures everyone that SoundCloud is here to stay through his chain of tweets that you can read below:

Chance has become the face of SoundCloud the last couple of days. Although it is unknown how exactly the 24-year-old talent saved the site, we do know that his new track with Young Thug shows only a small portion of his unbelievable generosity.

Big B’s is a SoundCloud Exclusive that you can beat to here:

The loud and proud SoundCloud lover has shown his sincere gratitude for the service many times in the past, even giving the company a shout out during his award winning speech at the Grammy’s. Beyond that, Chance allowed his full new album ‘Coloring Book’ to streamed on SC!

Listen to ‘Coloring Book’ below:

Chance the Rapper has gone above and beyond, saving the site we all have grown to love.

Besides just that, he has provided the opportunity for yet discovered musicians to be found. Let’s make SoundCloud great, again!

Photo via Chance The Rapper Facebook

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