Canada’s Finest Trance DJ Assaf Offers a Vast Catalog of Piercing Music

Step into Assaf‘s realm, comprised of piercing trance builds and rich atmospheres. Now, take the hand of this trance and progressive DJ out of Toronto, Canada as he guides you on an invigorating journey of deep melodies and harmonies.

Not only will he grab your attention through fierce builds, Assaf is able to encapsulate you with frequencies that speak to your heart. With support from large influences within the trance family, A State of Trance and Armada Music, the foundation is set for Assaf to take the trance world by storm.

Assaf photo via Assaf
Assaf photo via Assaf

Let’s take a tour through Assaf’s catalog of magical trance music.

The following tracks show off Assaf‘s flawless sound which displays a maturity and connection with the audience that is usually reserved for decades-long veterans.

As you listen to Assaf, keep in mind the aim of progressive trance is not to focus solely on one lead melody, like traditional trance, but it is instead meant to cover multiple melodic elements to build the atmosphere. Also, appreciate how he includes lush orchestral instrumentation to project a musical landscape that is satisfying and thoughtful.

The first selected track we must showcase is Assaf‘s latest work that features Nathan Nicholson, called ‘Lost Souls’. This single was released on Assaf’s label, Black Sunset Music.

Assaf ‘Lost Souls’ released via Black Sunset Music

This stunning track will feed your soul with haunting vocals and delicate piano progressions. Halfway through this track Assaf switches gears to launch you into an enthralling melody that will pump you full of energy.

Listen to ‘Lost Souls’ featuring Nathan Nicholson below:

For the next selected track we chose Assaf‘s brainchild, ‘A Day Closer To Heaven’, to showcase. Once again, Assaf creates a majestic melody accompanied with wildly powerful builds and an alluring atmosphere.

Listen to ‘A Day Closer To Heaven’ below:

Now take a listen to, ‘Syndicate’, another masterfully crafted track that brings you to a state of trance. For this one, he builds an enduring uptempo beat comprised of deep synths and a heavy thump that will let you loose on the dance floor. He also layers in various enchanting samples to elevate us to a surreal plane of existence.

Listen to ‘Syndicate’ by Assaf below:

Beyond controlling crowds with his trance music on stage, Assaf, hosts a radio show called Assaf FM.

Each episode of his radio station presents a beautiful tracklist of trance music. You can follow his radio show by clicking here. Check out the tracklist for this 114th edition below to get an idea of what his show represents.

Assaf FM Episode 114 tracklist

Listen to Assaf FM Episode 114 below:

Now that you are more familiar with Canada’s finest trance producer dubbed by Armin van Buuren as, “one of the biggest talents of 2016,” make sure to keep up with him. In particularly, tune into his in-studio LIVE broadcast takeover at Dash Radio in Los Angeles today by clicking here. It airs from 6pm to 8pm EST on Weds 2/22. There will be a re-air of the set at a later date.

Assaf in-studio LIVE broadcast takeover at Dash Radio

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