‘Breaking’ Into The Collab with Yantosh & Ken Bauer

Yantosh & Ken Bauer teamed up to release a new smashing Future Rave Banger titled ‘Breaking’. The powerful DJs and music producers known for their signature sound within the genre are ready to hit the charts with this impressive track.

We sat down with them to ask them more about how this collaboration come about and what was the production process like.

Hello guys! How are you?

Hey! We are having a good time after releasing our new collab track “Breaking”.

‘Breaking’ is officially out, what was the inspiration behind the track?

Yantosh: I just wanted to try something completely new and tried this combo with a slower theme, combined with a powerful sound and beat. I showed it to Ken and he just loved it and we ended up collaborating on the track.

What was the production process like?

Yantosh created the main structure of the track and sent it to Ken Bauer that complimented the track with cool elements like acid shots, huge brass horns, as well as, uplifting buildups.

How did the collaboration between you come about?

We meet each other at ADE in Amsterdam. During our meeting we decided that our sound design is very similar and we both love the Future Rave sound in general. So, doing a collaboration just felt natural to both of us.

What do you think each brought to the production of ‘Breaking’?

As mentioned above, Yantosh created the main arrangement, structure and sound design and Ken did the finalization of track with his magic sound & touch.

Is there an element of the song that is your favorite?

Yantosh: My favorite element is the acid shot as well as lead melody sound.

Ken Bauer: I actually agree, those were the elements I felt in love with when I first heard Yantosh’s idea.

How long did it take you to finish the track?

The project took about 6 months from the very beginning to release date.

When did you know the song was ready?

To be honest, we had like 20 final versions of this track (laugh), but after a few additional revisions and an epic mastering – we came to the version you can listen to now everywhere!

How does this track differ to your previous releases?

We are trying to focus on Future Rave 2.0 and always try to add something new to the genre to keep it evolving so this track has Big Room Techno or Future Techno in mind.

Finally, what’s in store for each of you?

Yantosh: I have a lot of new releases coming up and a few shows that I look forward to.
Ken Bauer: You can expect a lot of new releases from my end as well, and I am also looking forward to releasing my 2nd Future Rave sound set that will soon be available on www.futureravemusic.com.

Stream and buy ‘Breaking’ now:

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