Brazil’s Renowned G Mafia Records Releases Pillow Fights’ ‘Destiny’ with Jordan Grace

Pillow Fights, the talented melodic dance music producer, is back with an exciting new single titled ‘Destiny’, released under the renowned Brazilian-based G Mafia Records. This time, Pillow Fights has collaborated with the sensational vocalist Jordan Grace, also known for his captivating performances for A State of Trance or recent collaborations with Martin Garrix on the chart-topping single, ‘Oxygen’ and Armin Van Buuren for ‘Echos‘.

Since making his debut in 2022 with the infectious track ‘Feels Like Home’, featuring the enchanting vocals from pop-star, Krysta Youngs, Pillow Fights has been steadily building a reputation by captivating listeners with their distinctive soundscapes and memorable melodies.

‘Destiny’ takes listeners on a musical journey filled with uplifting energy and infectious rhythms. The track seamlessly merges Pillow Fights’ signature melodic elements with Jordan Grace’s appraised top-line vocals to create an irresistible fusion of sound.

Pillow Fights ‘Destiny’ featuring Jordan Grace [G Mafia Records]
G Mafia Records, known for its dedication to working with exceptional talent that weaves the electronic music scene together.The label has become a go-to destination for both established and emerging artists looking to make an impact in the industry. Notably, one of G Mafia Records’ release reached the top 3 on Beatport’s Indie Dance/Nu Disco charts, ‘Can U’ by Saccao, Heavy Pins & Antonio Santana.

You can find G Mafia Records presenting events all around the world from Brazil to Los Angeles and Miami.

It will be excited to see where how the ambitious brand expands is operations, which artists from the roots of dance music they shine light on next and what new horizons they reach with their integral, “only good music” policy.

G Mafia Records
G Mafia Records
G Mafia Records
G Mafia Records

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