Bonnie x Clyde Takes over thatDROP Livestream This Friday is excited to announce that this Friday, July 15th, Bonnie X Clyde will be taking over our Facebook page for the afternoon with a special live stream.

The stream will go live at 4:00 PM EST so make sure you tune in.

thatDROP Presents: Bonnie X Clyde Livestream Takeover
thatDROP Presents: Bonnie X Clyde Livestream Takeover

The stream will allow fans to connect with the duo while they share exclusive new and unreleased music. After our interview with them at Sunset Music Festival 2016 we know they have a ton in store for this year.

They will be hosting a Q&A for fans, musicians, and anyone who wants to ask questions about production, music, marketing, and more.

We love their music and always support local talent. We are extremely excited to have them on our live stream so tune in for a great time!

Here are some of our favorite songs:

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