8 Tips to Consider When Preparing for Bonnaroo

So you’re going to Bonnaroo and it’s your first time camping at a music festival. Before you experience the unforgettable weekend that is Bonnaroo 2016, there’s some stuff you gotta know.

Here are some helpful hacks to make the best of your Bonnaroo experience:

Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo
Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo

Try everything

Bonnaroo is much more than the ordinary festival. They’ve got tons of “can’t-miss” activities like the Christmas Barn, Bonnaroo Cinema, Comedy Theatre, Silent Disco, art cars, the Fountain, and yoga classes. Just go for it!

Come prepared

At the top of your packing list are a couple of rockin’ outfits and your favorite snacks, but there are some essentials you might not have thought of: bug spray, a lantern, flashlights, a toothbrush, a refillable water bottle, a cooler, and sunscreen (lots of it).

Get to know your neighbors

There are some awesome festival people out there. Go meet them. You’ll likely wake up with the sun and have hours to kill before shows start. Why not spend it making some new homies?

Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo
Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo

Your phone will die, embrace it

It’ll give you the chance to fully experience the festival without any distractions. Instead of focusing on capturing each and every moment, just live them. Be present.

Go your own way

You and your friends are interested in seeing different shows? Do your thing. Don’t be afraid to venture off on your own. Tell friends where you’re going and designate a spot to meet back up. No biggie.

Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo
Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo

Get ready to get dirty

Avoid packing your nicest clothes that are near and dear to your heart. They will get dirty. Mud shows no mercy on your brand new, white Chucks. Embrace the filth. Love the filth.

Bring an open mind

We all go into a festival psyched to see our favorite artists. But try this: go see a show you’ve never heard of. Who knows? You could end up finding your new obsession.

Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo
Photo via Facebook/Bonnaroo


Seriously. You’ll thank me later.

Bonnaroo returns to The Farm in Manchester, Tennessee from June 9-12. Tickets are available and can be purchased here.

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