BLR, considered a fairly new UK deep house producer, has had some major achievements in the last year. BLR was the first artist to release a single on Tiesto‘s deep house sub-label, AFTR:HRS. The single titled “Nungwi” was met with great success and solidified BLR’s credibility in the deep house community.

“Nungwi” has since accumulated over 4 million plays on Spotify alone. His most recent project, released through Spinnin’ Deep records is well worth a listen.

First, listen to BLR’s “Nungwi”:

His new EP simply called “EP Part 1” is 4 tracks of deep house magic.

“Taj” kicks things off on a high note with a collaboration with Rave & Crave. Rave & Crave is a well-known house centric duo out of New Delhi. Early on in their career they opened for the likes of Tiesto and have been on a positive trajectory ever since.

BLR and Rave & Crave hit all the right vibes with “Taj”.

BLR X Rave & Crave’s “Taj”

The build up through the first minute of the song is a trance like introduction to the deep house drop. The clever array of sounds and synths presented makes the track perfect for any big club drop or festival hit. “Taj” has already surpassed 1 million plays on Spotify as of early January.

Listen to BLR X Rave & Crave’s “Taj”:

“Bella Mare” is the 2nd track on the EP and has a raw deep house beat throughout that’s sure to attract any house enthusiast. The buildups are simple but still upbeat. The last build slows down and fades out to a final drop that keeps you interested and yearning for more.

You can listen to the rest of BLR’s “EP Part 1” here: