Binary Hertz Drops Surprise Drum + Bass Video, “We Are The West”

Binary Hertz, straight from the west coast, has been making their name known within the scene for their infectious house stylings and quick growth. While there are always a varied slew of house acts to choose from, very few separate themselves from the rest and make a substantial impact.

Recently, Binary Hertz, duo Sam Norris and Jeremy Bruce Lee Miller, decided to mix things up by creating a D+B banger which takes a 180-degree turn from their usual work.

“We Are The West” is a track constructed from their signature blend of melodic riffs, attention to detail, and touches all the D+B bases you would expect from a banger. This track also marks the introduction of Sam Norris, and bringing his own experience from the electronic music community into the fold of the group.

Binary Hertz
Binary Hertz

While the track still faces a release in two weeks, the music video for the track has already dropped and visually complements the complex production choices made in the studio.

“We Are The West” represents the beginning of an exciting time for the dynamic duo, since they also have planned future work with the legendary Donald Glaude, along with more tunes exploring melodic dubstep, electro house, and complextro derivatives. Future releases include a track with the running title of “This Kind of Love,” with Tommy Cunningham, guitarist for Infected Mushroom, getting down on their future track.

Check out the new video for “We Are The West” above, and be sure to keep your eyes out for the release of the single.

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