Insomniac doesn’t seem to skip a beat! Beyond Wonderland is set to return to it’s home on March 25th & 26th, 2022 at Nos Events Center in San Bernardino, California. Having just released a stacked lineup we can assume the vibes will be just as right! With curated experiences by Bassrush, Basscon, Factory 93, Dreamstate, & Lost in Dreams, you are sure to have a fantastic time in Wonderland!

We wanted to point out a few things you’ve got to stop by and check out while at the show, we promise you will have a great time.

Beyond Wonderland 2016
Beyond Wonderland 2018

First things first, always check out what’s going down at the iconic Beyond Wench Art Car anytime you are passing by.

Always guaranteed to be an energy filled experience; the Beyond Wench throws down some absolutely insane hidden gems of sets, and you can nearly climb into the speakers and completely immerse yourself in the bass. Last year, we were blessed with a ridiculously bonkers Drum N Bass set by Christian Martin with MC Dino. Man was that a wild ride! The rest of the night following was filled with amped up vibes.

Beyond Wonderland 2019
Beyond Wonderland 2019

Make sure to wander around and check out all of the awesome art and interactive attractions!

I urge you to wander down the rabbit hole into the magical world or Beyond anytime you have downtime between must-see sets! Open random doors, explore strange rooms, interact with the performers and characters passing by, and go where the wind blows your curiosity. There are so many awesome little details put into this festival that many of them can go unnoticed if you’re constantly rushing to the next set.

Beyond Wonderland 2015

Check out the many amazing food and beverage vendors, make note of yummy sightings so you can easily snag that grub to keep you going when hunger strikes. From burgers to pho’, there’s something for literally every late night craving.

The Merch booth is always a good way to cop a dope souvenir you might not be able to get online later. Its also a great spot to get a hoodie or sweats if you left your jacket at home.

Water Refill Station

Rest assured, Insomniac goes above and beyond to ensure us headliners have access to everything we need. Before getting too wild, make sure to make note of restroom placement, water fill stations, and medical as well as lost and found and the information booth to guarantee you are aware and comfortable enough to have the time of your life. These are easy to spot by labeled balloon like signs you can see if you look at the skyline along the tops of the tents.

We are so excited to see what Beyond has in store for us this year, in true Insomniac fashion, every year gets better and better! See you in Wonderland!



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