Berlin’s Christian Löffler Propels the Mind at Catch One, LA

In one of the darker corners of Los Angeles, Catch One‘s Underground, Christian Löffler began his session at 2am as Maceo Plex was treating the main room with an extended set for Heaven After Dark presented by Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction) and Etty Lau Farrell (The Crystals).

Christian put on a master class of sound, showcasing his ability to manipulate frequencies to free the mind. In transitioning tracks, Löffler seems to have discovered a way to make contact with the mind to eradicate linear thinking then propel your thoughts into the stratosphere, to leave the crowd stunned and open to receiving his healful vibrations.

Beyond the mystic and magic, Christian Löffler knew when to bring the crowd back to the club setting by ramping up the harder techno breaks.

Christian Löffler at Catch One photo credit @hyades___

Following the set a fellow Christian Löffler fan, Sarah, shared kind words about the experience,

“I prepared myself totally 100% sober for his live, ready for this time of relaxation and healing. His live set was just so beautiful and immaculate. It was like you are in top class of master cleansing of your soul. You’ll never have same experience anywhere else. It’s really comforting and magical.

His songs literally changed my life, like I found the one missing piece for my life; his music was what I’ve been looking for as the theme songs for my life.

“One of the best songs from all these his amazing masterpieces, ‘Haul’ is absolutely my favorite. It’s so soft, delicate (in beautiful way), and purified my soul. The artist he featured in this song, her name is Mohna, she is also my favorite. Her voice is so angelic but the way she sing is very deep and I can feel all the vibration and feelings of the song from with only few words she sings. Also, his fan service is always amazing. Christian! If you are reading this, we love you and your music so much! Thank you so much for your amazing works!”

When Christian’s set came to a closed, the night seemed over, but as fan existed, the stairway to Maceo Plex was gloriously still open, making it truly Heaven After Dark.

Christian Löffler initially grabbed our attention when he put on a spectacular live set within ruins of a castle in South of France for Cercle. With stunning views looking out to the world, Christian Löffler mixed a special minimal techno performance, combining melancholy with euphoria.

Recently Solomon offered his club-ready remix treatment to Christian’s ‘Solo’, while his latest originals ‘New Fires’ and ‘Fjäll‘ offer beautiful and exploratory soundscapes that brings listeners down to earth and an appreciation for life. Most recently, Christian’s latest mix titled ‘Wir’, showcases a serene vibe, refreshing track selection and Löffler’s composure.

Christian will be touching in Berlin to end the year, then he will head to South Africa followed by dates throughout Europe scheduled in May. Keep up with Löffler through the links below.

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