Bassnectar’s Top 5 Sexiest Singles to Celebrate His Big Announcement

The ‘King of Sound’ is known for many different kinds of bangers, from dreamy melodic bass that make your body sway and tears well up in your eyes, to headbanging like a lunatic and flailing around like a fool in complete bliss.

With Valentine’s Day and Deja Voom on the horizon, and the announcement of his upcoming show on Memorial Weekend at The Gorge, we decided to celebrate with Bassnectar´s seductive sounds…

End of the Rainbow Bassnectar The Gorge

Enjoy the top 5 sexiest Bassnectar songs that hit you right in the feels.

photo credit Patrick Pia Peerin Morn

1. Flash Back

What started out as a song called “Zero Gravity”, though it is other worldly, it got it’s name change after Lorin heard a vocal sample of “I really like it”, the sample sent him back to a morning when he was in Santa Cruz on the beach at a full moon party. ´Flash Back´ is a song that does just that, it flashes you back to moments in your life where you, yourself can remember thinking “I really like it”.

2. The Future (Feat. Jenna Sousa)

The Future is sensual, dominant, and euphoric at the same time, it’s about surrendering to a powerful, healing, and beautiful experience while looking forward to the unknown. Musically the song is like a mix of ´Hexes´ & ´Timestretch´, the uplifting, yet powerful vibe makes it a pretty sexy beat.

3. Breathless feat. Mimi Page

This sexy beat will literally leave you breathless and on cloud 9. Bassnectar and DC Breaks perfectly paired to create a drum & bass influence that brings a beatific, joyous, and inspiring vibe. (Que in uncontrollable dancing and tears).

photo credit Bassnectar during Basslights 2013
photo credit Devin Trujillo

4. Fire – Marz Leon (Bassnectar Remix)

I’ve never met a Bassnectar remix I didn’t like; Lorin perfectly tweaks every single song he touches. Marz Leon’s, Fire, was a sexy song to begin with, adding in the heavy bass makes it blissfully romantic and whimsical.

photo credit Rayy Borrelli-Smith

5. High – Rusko (Bassnectar Remix)

If you have been a Bassnectar fan for some time, you were just as excited as we were when he finally released this gem. ´Rusko´ and Bassnectar together is a dream come true, this song speaks to the hopeless romantic in all of us. The vibe is vulnerable, yet quixotic and ultimately uplifting at the same time, like the perfect love story.

photo credit Ashton Jay Allumbaugh

In more news, Bassnectar is accepting application to perform at Deja Voom.

Unleashing a new idea for Deja: Open Deck slots for attendees who want to share their music and throw down on a proper sound system – there will be open slots for music makers, DJs, and beat freaks in the Lo Fi Room each night – apply here if you’re interested in getting in on the action: -Bassnectar

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