One of Colorado’s finest projects, Bass Physics just released his new brainchild, ‘Alone With You’, a beautiful piece with an intimate vibe. This will be Arja Adair’s first single as a solo act that was created to coincide with his ‘Alone With You’ tour.

Bass Physics flexes his future bass prowess while creating a pleasant atmosphere for ‘Alone With You’.

Bass Physics ‘Alone With You’

Here is what Arja had to say himself about the track:

I wrote Alone With You with the original purpose of provoking the feeling of being alone with someone you love or deeply care about. When you are alone with someone, you are both required to give each other undivided attention. This also goes for when a musician is on stage alone with a crowd, which is where my Alone With You tour came from. I am now alone with the crowd (you) and each time I play live I get this same feeling of being Alone With You. It is pure happiness and empowerment, if I could I would stay all day.

This single features the gorgeous vocals of Carly Lynn and gentle live guitar riffs that build into a crisp future bass drop.

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