Bangkok Producer, KartyPartyy, Talks ‘Game On’ and Indonesia’s Rave Culture

Leading Thai producer, KartyPartyy has been fueling the bass music scene throughout Thailand and Indonesia since the beginning of the movement.  Coming from the stages of Together Festival with Monstercat and Waterzonic, KartyPartyy most recently reached the stage at EDC Las Vegas 2021.  Following the milestone Kart garnered support from Kayzo for his latest inspiring dance floor igniter, ‘Game On’ on Welcome Records.

KartyPartyy shares on ‘Game On’: “In life we often have many goals, so when we reach a certain milestone or move a step closer to a goal,” said KartyPartyy. “We get a sense of achievement and it’s GAME ON! Life is like climbing a mountain, so it’s vital we celebrate each mini victory. For highly motivated people like myself, each victory only fuels the fire inside of me for more!”

Through his festival appearances, party brand Bass Head Temple and playing at the best clubs in Thailand and Indonesia, KartyPartyy has performed alongside artists such as Skrillex, Yellow Claw, Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, Boombox Cartel, i_0 and Snakehips.

After discovering KartyPartyy we jumped at the chance to connect from across the globe with the Bangkok-based, banger-maker where we discovered more about the rave culture in Thailand and Indonesia, his signature touch on ‘Game On’ and his dream-like music journey thus far…

What are your favorite fusions of music?

I enjoy all kinds of sounds, however, my favorites would have to be Dubstep, Bass, Melodic Dub, D&B, and Alternative Rock/Punk Music. 

Can you tell us about your signature touch on your single out on Kayzo’s Label, Welcome Records called ‘Game On’?

The distinct guitar solos during the breakdowns would be my signature! I love combining Rock/Punk instruments with electronic beats and drops!

Can you walk us through the day of your EDC Las Vegas performance?  Any pre-set rituals?

I normally try to get to any festival around 1 and a half hours to 2 hours early, so that I can walk around and soak up the energy + atmosphere. Then I try to take a couple of shots with my crew just to get the blood pumping!

What were your takeaways from that experience?  What ran through your mind while on stage?

Being under the Electric Sky is just an unexplainable feeling! The lights, the crowd, the atmosphere is just electric, what more can any artist ask for?! I was not expecting a huge crowd but when more and more people started showing up, it got me super hype and I fed off their energy. 

What are some of your favorite electronic music festivals in Thailand and Indonesia?

Indonesia, I would have to say DWP, I really hope I can have the opportunity to play there, it is one of the biggest if not biggest crowd-wise in Asia. In Thailand, it is hard for me to choose, people always show me love so I have to shout out to 808 Festival, Waterzonic, Together Festival, Siam Songkran, Maya Music Festival, and Mystic Valley! I have yet to play at Wonderfruit, but I go to this event every year. It would be nice to go as an artist for one year. 

Who are some of your favorite artists from Thailand?

I have always enjoyed these artists, but He also wishes to bring them onto the EDM scene. 



Da Endophine 

How was it opening or closing for acts like Virtual Riot, Yellow Claw, and Barely Alive?  What can you take away from their DJ skills and approach?

I observed and can definitely take away from their showmanship, how they command the stage and interact with the crowd. 

Can you share any DJ tips for aspiring DJs?

Practice, Practice, and more Practice. Before anything and anyone will believe in you, YOU have to believe in yourself. After that, you get out what you put in, so it’s all about the effort. 

What is your favorite distinction about living in Thailand?  What can you share about the rave scene you are a part of?  

If we are talking about Bass the market is small but growing. I am honored and take pride in the fact that I helped bring Bass into Thailand. In terms of race culture in general, we have some incredibly unique ones, such as Waterzonic, S2O, and Siam Songkran, which are water festivals and you will be soaked!

What are 5 tracks you find at the forefront of electronic music?

These are my current inspirations and at the forefront in his opinion recently. 

Can you tell us about your very first set? Where were you, what tracks did you play, how did your DJ career develop from there?

My first set ever was in Bangkok, it was at a club and I was really nervous because I really did not know how people would react to Bass music. A few of the songs I played were: 

    1. Levels (Skrillex Remix) 
    2. Kayzo – This Time 
    3. Flosstradamus – Prison Riot

And I am happy to say, the crowd was rocking with me!

What is your favorite Thai food dish?

Larb Neuy, which is Beef stir fried with Thai spices. It is spicy and sour, and definitely activates your glands.


KartyPartyy Online: 

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