Axwell^Ingrosso Releases Upbeat Single ‘Dancing Alone’

Axwell^Ingrosso drops new single “Dancing Alone”

If you are looking for an upbeat track for the summer mixed with smooth vocals, then Axwell^Ingrosso just granted your wish.

The Swedish duo revealed its new song “Dancing Alone” featuring Romans. The song should continue a string of recent success by the group that include “More Than You Know” and “I Love You“. *Fair Warning* You might find yourself awkwardly dancing to this one in the car or on the sidewalk. If you do, I think most of us will give you a pass.

Dancing Alone brings an intense style from the beginning, followed by the smooth vocals of Samuel Romans, a 32-year old Englishman. If the name is not familiar, Romans has penned for many well known artists such as Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Sir Elton John. The transition of Romans to the high energy drop blends perfectly, bringing that euphoric feel that we have come to know from the legendary Axwell^Ingrosso.

And yes, that is Paris Hilton as the cover art looking ready to rave. A nice stylistic touch to a 1990’s house tune feel.  Expectations from the group could be through the roof if this is a preview of what’s to come.

For now, check the song out below. You might be playing it on repeat. Dancing by yourself over and over and over…

For those without SoundCloud Go, we got you too. Here is the full version from YouTube.

Axwell^Ingrosso are like chips, once you have a taste you will need more, so enjoy their full set a Tomorrowland. 

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