Andreas Stone Captures The Vastness Of Love On New Single ‘Hungry Heart’

Andreas Stone’s music has been heard by millions around the world. As a writer, producer, and performer, he has spent the past years freely drawing from pop, hip hop, and EDM to create a romantic and adventurous style all his own. His latest solo release is a bittersweet, uptempo ode to young love that will open even the most jaded of hearts.

The story of ‘Hungry Heart’ is set in the Rocky Mountains. The rhythms and melodies of the song are just as expansive and free as that wild stretch of Colorado wilderness. It is almost impossible not to get swept up in the singer’s emotional performance as he recalls the early days of a relationship with a storyteller’s eye for detail. ‘Hungry Heart’ is a song about remembering the good times and doing everything you can to keep the good times rolling

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