Ammi’s Remix of “One Big Laugh” Is Pure Melodic Goodness

Norwegian hobby producer Ammi delivers a remix of PANG!‘s “One Big Laugh” bringing out more positive emotions than the original.

The melody and percussion in addition to the deep and truly magical vocals make this remix a delight.

PANG! - One Big Laugh (Ammi Remix)
PANG! – One Big Laugh (Ammi Remix)

The track is beautiful in of itself and you can hear the excellent production quality.  The transitions are smooth and the harmonization of the vocals are on point. While it follows a more downtempo style, the cheerful melodic sounds contrast it, giving the remix a two-tone type of feel.

He almost abandoned the project early on, but luckily for fans, he completed it fulfilling any need for contemporary vibes.

Listen to and download the remix of “One Big Laugh” below:

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