Aussie Alison Wonderland, known by friends as Alex Sholler, has a beautiful heart, a sexy edge, and an emotional, dark side every human with depth can relate to. She’s known for her lyrical tunes, Australian warehouse parties, EDM festival performances, and genuine authenticity. Her charisma and complexity truly can be felt in her relatable music.

Alison Wonderland’s Exclusive Performance at The Microsoft Lounge

Alison Wonderland has found a way to transform her show from a beautiful, emotional experience to a galaxy of it’s own.

On August 2, 2017, Alison Wonderland, leading music editors, and industry influencers filled The Microsoft Lounge in Los Angeles, California to reveal their phenomenal, technological collaboration. This intimate, private event started off with Ninth Child on the decks, followed by Q&A with Alison Wonderland, and an exclusive DJ set to kick off her upcoming, largest tour yet. Her second album release will feature collaborations with Illangelo, Joel Little, and The MVP – Lido.

Alison Wonderland Q&A at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice, California

Alison Wonderland has joined forces with Microsoft to produce dynamic visuals, inspired by ethereal iconography and elements of imagination, that depict her emotions while performing.

Part of Microsoft’s ongoing series, Music x Technology, these graphics are powered by a performance kit running on a Microsoft Surface Book that Alison and her VJ, and lifelong friend, Alex Vincente, can control from stage.

With regular artist collaborations that range from M83 to Childish Gambino, Microsoft’s program seeks to empower artists with remarkable talent to create an out of this world experience for their fanbase.

“The collaboration with Alison Wonderland was particularly exciting as she was eager to explore how Microsoft technology could create a bigger and bolder stage show for her fans. We are always looking to highlight forward-thinking artists, who are as excited as we are to push the boundaries of the music experience.”

— Amy Sorokas, Strategic Partnerships Director of Microsoft Brand Studios

Q&A with Alison Wonderland at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice, CA

Find out how this technology works with this behind-the-scenes video.

The evening closed with an intimate, private DJ set showing off the ethereal technology in preparation for Alison Wonderland’s upcoming tour.

The visuals were captivating, emotionally consuming, and matched the beat alongside her movements. I felt as if I was a part of Alison Wonderland’s story, truly feeling her emotions and relating with them, as if we were in our own galaxy. The energy was unreal.

“You go to a music festival and people are tied up in their phones or worried about what they look like when they’re dancing. I just want people not to care and let go for a hour.”

— Alison Wonderland

Witness Alison Wonderland on tour by clicking here!

Exclusive Set by Alison Wonderland at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice, California

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