Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan Go B2B Alongside ‘Anything’ Release

There is no questioning that Alison Wonderland is continuously at the top of her game, consistently putting out tracks that impress. Her most recent song is a collaboration with Valentino Khan titled “Anything” that dropped last week.

In mid-October, the news initially came out that they would be working together, and the buzz quickly spread across the EDM community. “Anything” is truly unique, and it’s very hard to even categorize it in a sub-genre. The song has strong house elements with bits and pieces of techno spread throughout. Alison has such a beautiful voice, and this song shows a different side to her range that is not always highlighted in her solo mixes. Elements of Khan’s music clearly stand out in the song, and the mix of their two styles blends exceptionally.

In celebration of the release Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan went B2B this weekend…

Valentino Khan is an American DJ born and raised in Los Angles. He made a name for himself as one the best producers in hip hop, working with artists like B.O.B, Iggy Azalea, and 2 Chainz, to name a few. Khan carried his expertise into the EDM realm and has worked with some equally massive artists such as Skrillex, Diplo, and Steve Aoki. His most prominent hit, “Deep Down Low“, with over 220 million views on youtube was released in 2015 and became Sirus XM’s most played song of the year.

Both artists look to continue with the already great year thus far! Alison’s most recent single, ‘Bad Things’, was released on September 26th and serves as a teaser for her upcoming 3rd studio album set for release in 2021. Khan released ‘French Fried’ on October 21st, which is a 4 song EP that should see a number of new eyes after this drop with Alison. 

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