Afrojack Using Snapchat to Promote Upcoming Album

Afrojack Album
Afrojack Album

Snapchat Story

You read right beat lovers, a Snapchat Story. That was the media the Dutch superstar DJ/producer Afrojack chose to use in teasing his fans with his new album titled- Forget The World. The album is set to debut on May 19 of this year but as of March 14 Nick has been posting “stories” on the popular social media channel with 10 second snippets of some of his songs; everyday for a week at 12 pm EST.

With a ever-growing fan base on this particular mobile application, those Afro-fans following him will get to enjoy previews of some never before heard of collaborations in the EDM world with names such as Sting and Wiz Khalifa. Aside from the fact that Van De Wall is using this means, is he also setting a new trend for future artists, EDM or not, to follow and use this as a way of album promotion? We’ll just have to wait and see. But for now let’s soak up those 10 second previews and check out what this Dutchman has in store for us next.

We all live for one thing: thatDROP

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