Fall in Love While Listening to ‘Safe With Me’ from Adventure Club and Soar

Have you ever wondered if you could fall in love with someone while listening to a quick 4-minute song?  Probably not, but ‘Safe With Me’ featuring Luma by Adventure Club and Soar will make you a believer that you can, and maybe you will, if you dare.

Delicately opening with the undulating repetition of two simple notes striking at an interval, this track creates tension and mystery with an undiscernible instrument, reminiscent of a harp or guitar, but electrified, all the while Luma’s vocals tickle our senses like a light cool breeze on a warm summer’s day. We are already swept off our feet within the first 18 seconds, as the music surrounds us, making us feel safe as if a blanket of sounds sooth our senses and soul.

Luma’s vocals hit us immediately in her first verse, telling a story of two lovers who may not have known each other for long, but seem to understand each other on a very deep level very quickly. She explains that the world’s changing shapes, and this mysterious lover is also opening her eyes, making her more alive.

As she tells this vivid story, the music builds delicately at first, but with beautiful intensity.  The drums speed up and we splash into a gorgeous and powerful drop that perfectly connects the pop music elements of this track with the electro dance. It is an exceptional combination of genres that can cross into many people’s playlists, and be an instant festival hit live.

Luma’s laidback vocal style paired with this effortlessly produced track take us on a full sonic journey. It is both simple, yet complex with layer upon layer of percussion, effects, and lighthearted electronic melodic interjections. The bass is also strong and grooving, giving us an edge to balance out the colorful more whimsical higher frequencies. Luma’s lyrics “don’t say a word, but somehow you know me more than anyone” make us feel these lovers have an instant almost telepathic connection. “You’re safe with me” she sings, and we trust her fully. She is open and vulnerable, and we, the listener, are along for the ride.

Album Cover for Safe With Me
Adventure Club x Soar Ft. Luma – Safe With Me (album cover)

Well-done Luma, Adventure Club and Soar on your new track “Safe With Me” out now on all music portals through Ultra Music.

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