Above & Beyond Throw Massive NYE Rave in the Bronx

Above & Beyond brought their best to the Bronx, putting on a huge warehouse rave on New Year’s Eve. Fans came out en masse, with over 2,000 taking over the New York Expo Center for the night.

Above & Beyond in New York via Facebook

High-quality production, an insane laser show, and the music itself made the show phenomenal from start to finish. Above & Beyond,  Andrew Bayer, GENIX, and Nox Vahn brought their own unique sounds to the show.

Recap the year with Above & Beyond’s Group Thearpy Best of 2019.

Above & Beyond via Facebook

While the trance trio has some major performances coming up in 2020, including an Ultra Music Festival set, here’s to hoping that A & B bring their timeless sound back to New York City again sometime soon. For now, enjoy a selection trance and deep house by Andrew Bayer, GENIX, and Nox Vahn.

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