A Melodic Edition of Dancing Pineapple With The Imaginative Ashworth

Ashworth compiles a half hour of blissful mixes for the beloved Dancing Pineapple Artist Showcase SeriesThe young New York electro-pop producer plays multiple instruments and has unique pipes that sets him apart from the rest of the pack.

In this edition, you will get a feel of the light and majestic air about him and hear some of his original tracks, like ‘Second Guess‘. Unfortunately, he does not tease his epic remix of the ‘Meow Mix’ jingle, but you should check that out by clicking here.

Dancing Pineapple Artist Showcase Series: Ashworth

Enjoy this melodic and whimsical electro-pop journey Ashworth takes you on.

The full tracklist is as follows: ‘A Thousand Miles’ > ‘Been A While’ (Sam Feldt Cover) > ‘Second Guess’ > ‘Diamonds In Your Eyes’ (Unreleased) > ‘I.D’ (Unreleased) > ‘Boyz n Poizn’ (Phoebe Ryan Cover) > ‘I Want It That Way’ (Unreleased) > ‘God Must Be A Lonely Man’

Listen to Dancing Pineapple Artist Showcase Series with Ashworth below: 

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