8 Reasons to Rave Solo

EDM shows and festivals are the events that make us feel at home, and that we are right where we should be, especially when we are with good friends. Going to a rave with your closest friends will always be memorable, and a lot of fun.

Here are Our 8 Favorite Reasons to Rave Solo

Even though most people can list a few other things that stop them from attending events alone, take it from us: you want the experience.

1. Embrace your inner social butterfly

Whether or not you have personally attended an event alone, we guarantee that you have at least one friend who raves without a big group, and is always bragging about meeting a million new people at shows.

While we aren’t advocating for you to become the annoying friend in your circle, we do agree that one of the best things about attending smaller shows at clubs – or even festivals like EDC, and Beyond Wonderland – is that you can meet new people who share your love for the musicand allow yourself to become more outgoing.

Rave - CountdownNYE
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2. No more begging people to come to shows with you

Even if you feel comfortable bugging friends to come to shows that they aren’t so into attending, raving will probably become way more fun for you once you stop feeling like you need another person there. It is great to share in the awesomeness with your clique, but it is equally as fun to see DJ’s you love spin, without worrying about who might (or might not) want to come with.

3. It is way easier to navigate the crowd, and keep your spot by the rail

Bassheads, shufflers, and whoever else: no matter which niche you identify with, you more than likely want to be front and center. Attend alone and there is no more lagging behind, or being anywhere other than where you want to be throughout the event.

Rave - EDCO
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4. Broaden your musical taste

Instead of trying to please who you bring along, you can pick shows that pertain to you best and, often, shows that you wouldn’t usually attend. Take chances and go to those raves that you wouldn’t immediately choose to attend normally.

5. “Arrive beautiful, leave ugly”

Dada Life got it so right. Feeling self-conscious at a show isn’t necessarily about being alone for everyone; you might be holding back because of who you came with. For those of us in this boat, attending raves alone is the way to a better night. Let loose, get wild, and break out your best moves, simply because you paid to get in, and you are obviously psyched to see whoever is playing.

6. Meet your rave bae

You might encounter your soulmate in the crowd and, despite popular belief, you do not need a wingman (or woman) to help you two hit it off.

Rave - EDCLV
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7. Focus on the music

Without those friends who are music snobs, or who aren’t that into the scene, you can really get into the set, and jam out to all of your favorite tracks. Don’t underestimate the “random” opening acts, either: pay attention to them too.

8. Put an end to missing out on the moments that make the event great

Rave - EDCO
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Whether it be the last song of a set, or the crazy on-stage antics that some of our favorites love to engage in, you don’t want to miss it.

Attending alone gives you the chance to miss out on less, and truly get more out of the rave experience.