8 Free EDM Downloads to Get You Through the Week [Free Downloads]

Ookay via Facebook

The week following a weekend filled with positive vibes and crazy partying might seem impossible to get through.

Luckily, we’ve created a playlist filled with free EDM downloads to help you get through that case of the Mondays.

Knock out some of that extra work you have lying around. Savor positive moments by immersing yourself in some of these tracks featuring Miracle, Ookay, Five Knives (JAUZ remix), Getter, Minnesota & G Jones, and more.

Check out this playlist that’ll continue your weekend throughout the week.

Time to update your music playing device with these free downloads including Minnesota & G Jones, The ChainsmokersHucci and JAUZ.

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  • Rockstar Mechanix – Down
  • Ookay – Egg Drop Soup
  • Five Knives – Sugar (JAUZ Remix)
  • Getter – Lasers
  • Minnesota & G Jones – Be Alright
  • Josef Salvat – Open Season (The Chainsmokers)
  • He$h – Lambo
  • Hucci – Phoenix

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