6 Mind-Blowing Trance Tracks to Elevate Your Mind

Trance is arguably the sub-genre of dance music that has the most dedicated fanbase, and the greatest effect on listeners. The ethereal melodies of uplifting trance elevate your mind, and bring the best vibes at a festival.

There is definitely an array of tracks to choose from, but we highlighted one track that takes us back to 2006, one of the best released in 2014, and some of those taking over the scene so far in 2016.

Uplifting trance
Above and Beyond show via Facebook

Largo by Soundprank (2015)

This track has seen support from artists like Armin Van Buuren and other heavyweights currently dominating the scene. It has a lengthy build up, and when the beat finally drops, the power of this song really shines through, with its bright, transcendent melody.

Delta Force by F.G. Noise (2016)

With a notably darker sound than the first track on this shortlist, “Delta Force” channels elements of psy-trance. F.G. Noise incorporates a captivating melody that is infectious, to say the least. The song truly explodes into its hook and exudes so much energy.

Colors Back by Alex Klingle (2016)

Above and Beyond often plays this massive track, which says enough. This charming song lifts your spirit through honeyed vocals and its epic hook. “Colors Back” is equally perfect for the last push you need during a run, for casual listening, and most importantly, to be that one song that really gives you the feels during a live set.

Muhanjala by Duderstadt (2006/2016)

The original track titled “Muhanjala” was released by Duderstadt back in 2006, and that is still a major tune today. Pulsating beats, throbbing synths, and warped melodies fill your ears.

His 2016 rework of his original “Muhanjala” is noteworthy, too. It is significantly slowed down, and definitely attuned to the sound popularized in the scene recently. The joy of the original shines through still, with a daring twist added to the blissful track.

Will Be Forever (Meridian Remix) by Denis Kenzo (2014)

This remix of “Will Be Forever” might be the most uplifting song on our list, as this track and its whispered – yet confident – vocals, lyrics about love, and radiant tune raise your mood immediately. The track is simple, and will genuinely get you ready to tackle your day. The positive message it carries definitely sticks with the listener after the song itself ends.

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