5 Things To Look Forward To If You’re Going On The Groove Cruise

The Groove Cruise will be setting sail from Miami in less than two weeks and the excitement is unreal.

Comprised of four straight days of beach and pool parties, festival goers will be taken on a 96-hour journey filled with on-board events and themed extravaganzas that rival the best dance music festivals in the world. With 2,700 dance music lovers, 40 artists, a 14-story cruise ship with 12 restaurants, nine stages, and all inclusive private beach and waterfall parties, this year’s Groove Cruise is bound to be an amazing, unique and unforgettable experience.

If you’re lucky enough to be going this year, here are five things you can eagerly look forward too:


Photo via The Groove Cruise Miami Jamaica beach and waterfall party location
Photo via The Groove Cruise; Jamaica Waterfall Party Location

The ship will set sail from Miami, and for the first time in Groove Cruise history, dock in Ocho Rios, Jamaica where all-inclusive private beach and waterfall parties await.

Attendees can vibe out to the deep house programming by the waterfall or enjoy mainstream EDM and progressive acts on the beach. Food, alcohol and transportation is also included in the ticket price. Aside from four “tranquil” days at sea, who wouldn’t want to spend a day soaking up the Jamaican sun?

Hang Out With 40+ DJs

The Groove Cruise Miami 2016 Lineup
The Groove Cruise Miami 2016 Lineup

Make no mistake about it, The Groove Cruise is all about the music.

As if going to Jamaica isn’t enough to look forward too, there’s always the chance of running into and hanging out with your favorite DJs. This year’s lineup includes Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Darude, Kristina Sky, Dada Life, Project 46, Sander Van Doorn, Bingo Players, Pierce Fulton, EDX, Cocodrills, and Autograf – and that’s only scratching the surface. Sharing close quarters with this many renowned artists, you’re bound to run into your favorite producer at one point or another while exploring the halls of the Norwegian Pearl.

Theme Parties

Theme Parties
The Groove Cruise Miami 2016 Theme Parties

What sets The Groove Cruise apart from all other EDM cruise are the outrageous themed parties onboard.

According to The Groove Cruise’s Marketing Director, Rafi Leibowitz, “there’s really nowhere else in the world where people can dress the way that they do, in a public forum and have such a crazy time.” This year, the seven themes are: Identity (Who Are You), Welcome to the Jungle, Back to School Parade, ABC (Anything But Clothes), Cartoons Gone Wild, Onesies vs. Leotards, Pinup Pool Party, and a White Beach and Waterfall Party. With party themes this crazy, what happens on The Groove Cruise may just have to stay there.

On Board Activities and Attractions

The Groove Cruise Miami activities onboard
Photo via Facebook/ The Groove Cruise

In addition to the wild and crazy themed parties, there are many unique on board attractions and activities. Tune into your higher self with deep house yoga instructed by Carol Ann Manown with music by Alissa Jo. If you’re not into yoga you can discover your inner chef with a cooking class taught by a special guest DJ, or even party with The Bingo Players at Bingo Beach. Dada Life will also be hosting their Invasion of International Waters, which will feature the world’s largest pillow fight at sea! Also returning to the 2016 edition of GCMIA is the Abyss, the incredibly popular after hours party catering to those looking to party all the way through the sunrise.

Looking to escape the 72 hours of nonstop tunes? Some of the on-board attractions include the Pearl Club Casino, the Mandara Spa, a fitness center, a bowling alley, boutiques, hot tubs, and rock climbing.

Discover Your Home Away From Home

The Groove Cruise
Photo via The Groove Cruise

What really makes The Groove Cruise such a wondrous and unique experience is the camaraderie that exists among attendees. The Groove Cruise believes in “family first” and opens pre-sales to past attendees only. So when The Groove Cruise actually goes on sale, over half the ship is already filled with past attendees. Another unique aspect is that there’s really no segregation amongst general admission and VIPs, so everyone can enjoy the same experience.

The cruise also has a 70 percent retention rate, meaning that 70 percent of the boat has either been there before or was there last year. Because of this, a lot of the same people come back, year after year, creating a family style vibe and atmosphere. Like any EDM festival, you’re bound to make a few close friends but, on The Groove Cruise, you’ll be immersed and welcomed into a one-of-a-kind family.

Camaraderie exists among attendees
Photo via The Groove Cruise

Don’t miss the 12th year of the Miami Groove Cruise as they’re stepping it up big time by going to Ocho Rios Jamaica for the first time!  From production to theme parties to onboard activities, you’re not going to want to miss this event. With an all inclusive beach and waterfall party included in the price, this will no doubt go down in history mon!

The Groove Cruise has less than 5 percent of their cabins still available, so if you don’t want to miss this epic opportunity, click here to book your ticket today!

Don’t forget to enter code “THATDROP” when checking out to save up to $200 per cabin.

For more information visit the official Groove Cruise website

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