5 Tech House Tracks One Should Discover [Playlist]

Tech house, its taking over for all the right reasons. This smooth mix of techno and house music merges together a world that in some places is consider not kosher. Some say the realms should never collide while most find the combination super attractive.

Just open your eyes and dive into a solid collection of tech house.

To kick start our playlist we present Alex Wellmann and Jay De Lys‘ ‘Guettin’ for Rouse Label, a true tastemaker label out of Tenerife, Spain. We discovered this one from listening to a Dennis Ferrer set. Watch how ‘Guettin’ turns up the crowd in Croatia below.

Next we place a couple selects from Chicago’s Green Velvet, a true legend of the scene, especially with his new La La Land special sets. The first single is a collaboration with Dirty Bird’s Shiba San titled, ‘Fearless’. Then there is Velvet’s collaboration with LA’s Chris Lake, ‘Deceiver‘. 

Another big name in tech house that just put out a fun song is Claude VonStroke, who created ‘Walay (My Bae)’. We know VonStroke is a name he hear all the time, but thats for good reason. He does clean work. ‘Walay’ offers kinda of goofy sound to get you smiling and plenty of energy to get you bouncing.

To end this playlist we dive a little deeper into the underground.

As the lyrics “where my ballers at?!” slowly emerge then explode toward the end of the Switzerland’s Mendo‘s ‘Red Card’ on elrow music, this final track will get you going in the right direction for the rest of your night. We hope you were able to find some new music to enjoy within this collection of tech house. Search our catalog for more tech house.

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