5 Songs To Make Your Solar Eclipse Experience More Interesting

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible in across the United States of America for the first time since 1979. As we bond together with friends and families and wear glasses which might cause blindness in the near future, it’s always important to have a playlist. 

We bring you five lax tunes to vibe on while the solar eclipse occurs.

5. Kaskade – ‘Eyes’ (Kaskade’s ICE mix)

We are all familiar with Kaskade, but his ICE remix of ‘Eyes’ highlights certain stylings from dream pop, but provides a lo-fi synth experience that could be compared to floating in the ocean and catching the waves. The light vocals coo over a simple drum beat, and provides slight switch ups that will make your eyes wander in the sky.

4. Hardwell – ‘Eclipse’

How could we have not included a song called ‘Eclipse?’ Although we are listing this song for name-related purposes, in terms of energy, Hardwell’s cinematic electro-anthem might be a departure from the last track on the list, but the song delivers a banging moment as you reach the pinnacle of your evening.

3. Above & Beyond featuring Marty Longstaff – ‘Tightrope’

Of course we couldn’t leave out Above & Beyond, with their slick and comforting progressive trance we have all came to know. Marty Longstaff provides Owl City-esque tenor vocals which highlight the gentle bells and whistles found later in the track. Similar to being transported to a Sonic the Hedgehog mini-game on Dreamcast, ‘Tightrope’ pulls out a sense of whimsical and nostalgic vibrations.

2. Hundred Waters – ‘Fingers’

Aside from also possessing a psychedelic music video, Hundred Waters evokes the vocal stylings of Ani DeFranco mixed with Bjork on painkillers. The light production techniques highlight the very gentle vocal stylings and traditional instruments which echo throughout. Unlike most electronic songs, ‘Fingers’ earns its number two position by highlighting the unconventional aspects of a track.

1. Varien – ‘Aether and Light’

Varien enters the number one spot by not only introducing us to eastern global sounds, but centers in on the ethereal element of the solar eclipse. With a hint of grime mixed with exotic eastern sensibility, ‘Aether and Light’ play games with our mind as it meshes Eastern and Western musical elements in one massive track.

This track by Varien highlights the mix of relaxation and excitement you’ll probably experience during the solar eclipse.

These five songs will be only the most necessary addition to you solar eclipse experience. Be sure to be safe when you enjoy the solar eclipse on August 21st. Find out where you can see the spectacle best by reviewing an eclipse route map by clicking here

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