Palm Off Redefines Electro Groove With Their Latest Tune

Palm off tales of love remix
Palm Off Music

Shimmering from the very first essence of a beat, Palm Off takes this original and brings us a silky smooth track that makes me want to waltz around a candle lit room.

Good luck trying not to shuffle your feet and move your hips as this track protrudes through the speakers.

After the initial success of “Night Drive In Moscow” last year, Russian producer Stanislav Lukoyanov, commonly known as 5 Reasons,has united with his pal Patrick Baker to create the project of Palm Off. “Tales Of Love” takes each artists individual skill set and combines them to create a track that is the perfect recipe of ambient groove and electro soul. If you are all about taking the groove to the next level, Palm Off is definitely worth giving some attention to.

Be sure to check out Palm Off’s “Tales of Love” remix below.

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