5 U.S. Music Festivals You Need to Consider Attending in 2014

I am convinced that their is no other subculture or community on the planet that has the collective transformational power that exists within the electronic dance music family and music festivals offer the ultimate platform to showcase and harness that energy.

Music Festivals
Crowd at a Music Festival

If you disagree (I respect your opinion) but would highly wager that you have not spent an entire weekend at a music festival, especially a camping festival.

Not only do these sacred retreats offer a means of escape, but thousands of people come together from all backgrounds to partake in a common interest – their love for music.

The music has the power to transform perspectives, shift ways of thinking, and center us in the present moment. At the very least, it will turn your entire body in to a noodle with bass lines, melody, and drops that resonate at the very basic cellular levels.

The 2014 music festival season is already well underway.

Already we have had epic moments that will be spoken of for years to come. From Armin Van Buuren’s performance as Gaia at Ultra Music Festival to Pretty Lights and the live band taking over the plains of Northwest Georgia at CounterPoint, this music festival season has instilled within us memories that we will reminisce upon until we are able to scratch that itch by making it to our next show.

And that is not even the tip of the iceberg in what these electronic dance music festivals have to offer.

Sponsors like Heineken and Red Bull have been allocating their budgets to offer unprecedented brand activation that adds entirely unique elements to these already over the top productions. I’ll never forget waiting in line for the showers at Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago when a helicopter emerged over the horizon before dropping a block of ice in the middle of the field that left energy drinks scattered everywhere.

Crazy art installations, amazing body paint, and other vendors contribute to an overall creation that stimulates our senses on every possible level to the point you return to the “real world” asking yourself, “Was that real life?”

As electronic dance music continues to expand its’ reach and our community continues to grow, festivals keep popping up all over the world, providing options for our family on every corner of the planet.

With that being said, we take a look at 5 remaining music festivals that you need to consider attending in 2014.

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