5 Most Popular Electronic Music Festivals among Students

Everything that surrounds us has a sound. Even a simple knocking on the door is some sort of music. Great musicians use special instruments to make sounds pleasant to the ear. Every music genre offers something special and unique. People find their salvation in music because they can forget about their concerns and delve deeply into the music they love. Thus, students can also forget about their academic obligations for some time when they go to electronic music festivals.

If you cannot handle some of your essay writing tasks, AffordablePapers.com can help to write papers cheap, quickly and effectively. If you want to relax and enjoy your life to the fullest, a great music festival will surely help you. This informative article describes 5 most popular electronic music festivals among students.

Imagine Festival

If you adore electronic dance music or briefly EDM, you cannot bypass the Imagine Festival that takes place in September 2020. The festival hosts about 30 most popular artists in the electronic music genre. Among them will appear Rezz, Marshmello, and Diplo. The whole day is divided into 4 separate stages. Each has its own specifications and will surely entertain the public during the day. You’ll be able to feel different rhythms to provoke different feelings inside.

The festivals offer different conveniences for visitors. You may camp inside the festival and will enjoy restrooms, showers, yoga grounds, etc. If you don’t want to camp, there are many affordable and convenient hotels in the city. The location is Atlanta Motor Speedway. The cost is $269. Be quick to book the ticket! The festival is right around the corner!


One of the greatest celebrations of human genius in music is definitely Bonnaroo. Its name derives from Creole slang and means “Great Stuff”. It must be said that the name was picked perfectly. Its history hits back to 2002 when it first took place. Since that time, it becomes more popular annually. One of the most remarkable features of this festival and its durability, which is four days. It’s an amazing chance for all people to have something special for themselves.

The festival has 10 different stages and so, the artists will not overlap each other. Many famous artists annually perform at this festival and you may be lucky to see them alive. It runs in Manchester, Tennessee. The festival’s territory is 283 km 2 and is located on a huge farm. Save music, the visitors will be surely impressed by marvelous installations, posts, crafts, etc. Another vital convenience is a big parking place.

EDC Orlando

Another great option for students takes place in Orlando. The organizers of the festival promise a huge explosion of light and sound for everyone who visits the show. It attracts thousands of people from the USA and the whole world. The top performers will bring you to a new quality level of euphoria created by electronic dance music. You’re welcome to camp in the field where the festival is held, as well as opt for comfortable hotels located in the city.


If you want to party in Europe, you should take into account Dour. This is one of the most popular European music festivals that gathers thousands of music lovers in one picturesque village located in Belgium. The festival hosts over 200 DJs and bands. The visitors will have a rich choice of artists, as well as stages. There are six big stages to party the whole day. The festival unites electronic music with hip-hop, reggae, and indie.


Do you like Spain? Have you ever been to this nice country? Even if you’ve been here many times, you should be sure you have visited Sonar. It’s one of the oldest music festivals, which started in 1994. It’s a real home for different genres and cultures of music. Students will surely enjoy EDM to the fullest. Moreover, the festival offers some amazing performances and installations. You’ll see various artists’ installations, captivating video performances, great audio-video displays, and so on. You cannot miss this opportunity!

According to Billboard, 32 million people in the USA attend at least one music festival every year. You’re welcome to go to any of these and some other electronic music festivals. Sometimes it’s difficult because a festival may take place in a remote foreign country. Nonetheless, student folk is inventive; it always finds smart ways to achieve their goals.

Don’t forget to find special music portals, which provide the latest news from the music industry. Thus, you’ll be aware of the upcoming festivals all over the world. Moreover, you’ll learn a lot about your favorite singers and bands, or hear something about the new rising stars.


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