5 Great Trap Remixes You Won’t Forget

Jah No Partial – Major Lazer (Yelllow Claw & Yung Felix Remix)

Yellow Claw, a group consisting of Bizzey, Jim Aasgier and Nizzle, and Yung Felix aka Felix Laman are two names bursting with talent. Dj Turn It Up and 21 Bad B*tches are just two of many killer tracks Yellow Claw has to offer. Money Grabber is a great track by Yung Felix to also give a try.

These guys have seemed to notice that the magic happens when they collaborate as they have done a good number of tracks together as well.

This list within a list is getting pretty long, but if you can, try to give Dance Floor Champion a listen. It’s not a move you’ll regret. Finally, “Jah No Partial.” This was originally done by Major Lazer, a huge name in moombahton and dancehall today. The Yellow Claw & Yung Felix remix- as are all their songs- is definitely a pleasure.

Check it out below!


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