3 Tracks of Stimulating Deep House by Romanian DJ Manuel Riva

A track that particularly stood out to us from Sam Feldt’s Heartfeldt Radio Show that we just recently posted about, was Manuel Riva and Eneli‘s deep house single ‘Mhm Mhm’. Now that we have been turned on to Manuel’s work we have selected three of our favorite tracks by him to showcase.

Romanian DJ Manuel Riva’s deep house takes you to a higher plane.

‘Mhm Mhm’ by Manuel Riva and Eneli

The first track we have to showcase is ‘Mhm Mhm’ that has earned him the most attention. This single has a soft intro with soaring female vocals that lead into an extremely soothing drop. Think of that feeling when something feels or tastes good to the point you have to make the sound “Mhm Mhm”, that is what he is able to make you do with the sonic frequencies he creates for this song.

Listen to ‘Mhm Mhm’ by Manuel Riva and Eneli below: 

The second deep house track we selected is called ‘Wrong or Right’ which also features Eneli.

Manuel Riva ‘Wrong or Right’

This track is more upbeat than ‘Mhm Mhm’ and built for the dance floor. The vocal samples he uses are infectious and the shuffle beat with a slight tropical feel will set you loose.

Listen to ‘Wrong or Right’ by Manuel Riva below:

Another track that draws us in by Manuel Riva is his single ‘Hey Now’. This single has a deep and uplifting driving beat with impressive dynamics that will stimulate your ears and mind. The welcomed theme of using lovely soaring females vocals continues in this piece.

Manuel Riva ‘Hey Now’

Listen to ‘Hey Now’ below: 

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