3 Reasons You Should Ring in the New Year at SnowGlobe

SnowGlobe provides a magical and unique way to ring in the New Year. Here are three reasons we suggest kicking off 2017 in the beautiful Lake Tahoe.

SnowGlobe main stage via SnowGlobe

One: The Location

The location of SnowGlobe is what makes it stand out from the rest. Radiant snow-covered mountains surround the venue.

Festival gates do not open until late afternoon, leaving plenty of time for you to hit the nearby slopes with your squad before making your way over to the event of a lifetime.

Exciting news was just announced by the SnowGlobe team. This year, they are expanding the venue to almost twice the size. That means that there is more room to enjoy the three stages, check out winter athletes flip tricks off of the snowboarding/ski ramp, and watch the sky get lit with lasers and a vibrant firework show.

Expect mysterious changes to the igloo tent as well. What is the igloo tent you ask? Only the best place to escape from the outdoor chill with some deep house beats. If you’re ever unsure of where to go during SnowGlobe, find the igloo. You can defrost while soaking up some groovy drops from up-and-coming artists.

Odesza SnowGlobe 2016 photo via SnowGlobe
SnowGlobe Fireworks photo via SnowGlobe

SnowGlobe’s pivotal location provides festival goers with easy housing options. This will be my fourth year attending the event, and each year I have had no problem booking an Airbnb or hotel just a mile or two away.

Two: The Outrageous and Diverse Lineup

SnowGlobe has been a catapult festival for many artists, such as Hippie Sabotage and Autograf, both of whom played at smaller stages at SnowGlobe and are now headlining around the globe.

We can surely expect an exceptional experience with headliners being The Chainsmokers, Flume, Major Lazer, and Odesza.

Get a feel for the weekend by listening to ‘Faded’ remixed by Odesza below:

SnowGlobe has been known for throwing a few big name surprise guest artists into the mix as well. Can’t wait to see what exciting surprise SnowGlobe will throw at us next. Check out the rest of the lineup by clicking here.

Three: The Vibe

SnowGlobe, also known as “sneeeerrrrrgleeeerrrrb”, seems to have a sense of chill in the air and I am not just talking about the weather.

Lake Tahoe is known for being a laid back community that is welcoming and friendly. Expect to see smiling faces inside and outside the venue.

SnowGlobe fans via SnowGlobe

Put on that funky snowsuit, layer up underneath, and you will be ready to jig in comfort. Let loose in this carefree, winter wonderland where everyone is there to enjoy outstanding talent in one of the world’s most beautiful places. See you there, snow bunnies!


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