This 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. Tropical Summer Track Will Make Your Day

Hold On Be Strong Vs. Big Poppa (Matoma Remix)
Hold On Be Strong Vs. Big Poppa (Matoma Remix)

If you were an 80’s or 90’s baby and a fan of hip-hop, there is no doubt the Notorious B.I.G. and 2pac played a role in your adolescent life.  From ‘Juicy’ to ‘California Love’ and everything in between.

We watched the Puff Daddy tribute on MTV, the 2pac documentaries, we saw the Notorious B.I.G. movie in the theaters and bought every 2pac album that came out after his death and before.

This remix of 2pac’s “Hold On Be Strong” vs Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” by Matoma will hopefully make your day like it did mine.

This free download is a tropical, summer vibe from with two legends of rap. What’s not to love?

Matoma is a 23 year old music producer and pianist from Norway. Matoma has some incredible stuff, check his SoundCloud too.