2022 Most Popular Bachelor’s Degree Colleges for Music

It’s reassuring to learn that not all students choose computer science or software engineering for their bachelor’s degree studies. There are still quite a few who appreciate the value of art in general and of music in particular.

According to the College Music Society, of the 4,634 higher-education institutions in the United States, 1,795 institutions have degree-granting music programs. That’s quite an impressive number. We have done some research to identify the most popular bachelor’s degree colleges for your consideration. Have a look to pick one that meets your needs and interests best.

University of Rochester

Rochester offers a bachelor’s degree in music through its Arthur Satz Department of Music. In addition, students also choose a minor in music and one of the technical or non-technical courses. The core requirements include credits in music theory, musicianship, music history, music in world cultures, and keyboard skills.

Undergraduate students avail themselves of the applied music lessons at the Eastman School of Music. They are required to take an audition in the first week of each semester to qualify. College students with busy workloads use the services of professional essay writers to complete their assignments.

Berklee College of Music

Berklee offers interdisciplinary courses covering contemporary, popular, and jazz music. Students have the option of studying on campus or remotely through the college’s online school. They can choose one of the 12 undergraduate majors and over 20 minors.

The online school offers more than 200 courses, which have earned Berklee Online a 97% student satisfaction rate. In addition, students can apply to Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Berkeley Valencia in Spain, Berklee NYC, or summer programs.

University of North Texas

Lots of famous musicians have attended the College of Music at North Texas. Students enjoy access to a world-class music library, which is one of the biggest in the world. The college offers specialized lectures led by leading scholars and experts. A range of unmatched solo, chamber music, and ensemble opportunities are also available.

The student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1, and faculty members are world-famous musicians who have performed with the New York Metropolitan Opera and Minnesota Opera Orchestra. The college’s Murchison Performing Arts Center, Recital Hall, and the Voertman Concert Hall provide unparalleled learning opportunities. The college offers scholarships based on talent and auditions.

Belmont University

Belmont’s School of Music offers a combination of vast resources and personalized services. The school’s top-notch instructors guide students throughout the learning process. The school is located in Nashville’s historic Music Row where students study in an environment imbued with music on and off-campus.

Students can choose classical music, pop music, or any other program from the school’s long and diverse list of courses. Belmont prides itself on a broad range of musical techniques, creative approaches, and world-class performance. College students are also encouraged to engage in creative writing to advance their learning objectives.

The New School

The New School in New York offers a four-year undergraduate program (126-132 credits) in Instrumental Performance BM. The curriculum includes private lessons, small and large ensembles, techniques of music, performance courses and electives, and guided electives.

College students have access to interdisciplinary courses through the school’s CoPA Core program. The courses cover a broad range of themes, including Socially Engaged Artistry, the Whole Human Artist, Experimentation, and Improvisation & Collaboration.


Bachelor’s degree programs are still popular among students. Many colleges offer engaging courses led by leading musicians. We’ve reviewed some of the top ones that have a proven track record in offering students world-class learning experiences and opportunities. Select one that meets your needs and interests best.

Joanne Elliot is an experienced writer and an education sector analyst with a proven track record. She advises high school graduates on how to select undergraduate education programs that meet their needs and interests best. Students appreciate her in-depth knowledge of college degree programs and Joanne’s ability to help them find the best match.