10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015

One of the many great things about electronic dance music in the summer is that we get a chance to enjoy a whole slew of new music from artists under different sub genres.

Whether you hear the new beats at a festival, vibing in the car, or just as you scan through radio, you will definitely want to add them to your music libraries as soon as you can.

To help you get your hands on the sounds of 2015 as quickly as possible we have compiled a list of massive EDM album releases that will happen in the near future.

While some have yet to give us a definite release date, you should definitely keep your eyes and ears open around their speculated release times.

Check out these 10 massive EDM album releases to watch for in 2015.

Galantis performs at Ultra Music Festival 2015.
Galantis performs during Ultra Music Festival 2015.

1. Steve Angello – Wild Youth (April 2015)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Steve Angello – Photo via Facebook – Steve Angello

In January 2015 word got out that the projected release of Steve Angello‘s album Wild Youth was slated for April.

The album was originally set to drop in the fall of 2014, but it did not go according to plan due to some issues with Angello’s record label. Regardless of the vagueness of its release, this will be an album to definitely be on the look out for, especially after the masterpiece that was “Wasted Love.”

2. Axwell ∧ Ingrosso – On My Way (Summer 2015)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Axwell ∧ Ingrosso. Photo via Facebook – Axwell ∧ Ingrosso

The Swedish duo has been working on their first album for quite some time now and it is just beyond our fingertips. The two have done a serious amount of campaigning for the massive work with video releases as well as interviews and the incorporation of tons of new music in their incredible set at Ultra 2015.

According to their recent interview with Apple in New York, the album is expected to drop this coming summer of 2015.

3. Skrillex – TBD

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Skrillex – Photo via Facebook – Skrillex

Just when we thought that things couldn’t possibly get any more massive for this superstar of electronic dance music, Sonny drops another bomb on us.

After the success of Recess in 2014 followed by his collaboration album with Diplo for Jack Ü, Skrillex recently made a stealth-like announcement that there will be another solo album coming from him and it can be expected soon.

Unfortunately there have not been any details released concerning the new work in terms of the type of sound he’s going for this time around but, knowing Skrillex, it won’t be anything short of awesome.

4. Flosstradamus – Soundclash (April 20)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Flosstradamus – Photo via Facebook – Flosstradamus

Flosstradamus has been absolutely killing it in the EDM community lately with unbelievable sets all over the world.

With two of the tracks – “Soundclash” and “MFU” – already available, there is no doubt that this EP from our beloved trap kings is going to go harder than they ever have before.

“Prison Riot” has also had hints of it dropped here and there but #HDYNATION simply won’t sleep until they get their hands on this crazy new batch of music. Still need more Flosstradamus in your life?

Flosstradamus will take over Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas for one of the hottest beach parties of the summer.

5. Paul Van Dyk – The Politics of Dancing 3 (May 4)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Paul Van Dyk – Photo via Facebook – Paul Van Dyk

Ten years after Paul Van Dyk released the second edition of The Politics of Dancing, the German DJ graces us with yet another awesome collection of sounds.

Working with a wide variety of big name artists, the Grammy-winning Paul Van Dyk covers the incredible progression that EDM has made in the last 10 years.

Van Dyk pays very close attention to everything that goes into his production which always results in the overt happiness of his fanbase.

6. Zedd – True Colors (May 19)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Zedd – Photo via Facebook – Zedd/Rukes

If you’ve already heard Zedd’s “Addicted to a Memory” and “I Want You to Know” and loved them, you will be happy to know that there are nine more tracks where they came from.

His unprecedented talent paired with powerhouse vocalists such as Haley Williams, Selena Gomez, Foxes, and Matthew Koma have done wonders for Zedd’s career and skyrocketed him to the top of the charts.

While the rest of the track names have yet to even be released, it is definitely safe to say that True Colors will pack a punch that will have you singing all through the summer.

7. Steve Aoki – Neon Future II (May 12)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Steve Aoki – Photo via Facebook – Steve Aoki

The legendary Steve Aoki is dropping yet another collaboration-packed album.

The second installment of his Neon Future collection, Aoki continues to make musical magic with Linkin ParkMatthew KomaSnoop Lion, and many more. The first Neon Future album released in August of 2014 was a major hit for the Newport Beach native with tracks like “Delirious” and “Rage the Night Away.”

There’s no telling what Aoki has in store for us this time around but if history tells us anything at all, it’s that this one will be just as massive.

8. Alesso – Forever (May 26)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Alesso – Photo via Facebook – Alesso

In the last year Alesso has been taking the music world by storm. He has been performing at festivals and events all over the world while releasing chart-topping singles, music videos, and now, a full album of new tracks.

The Swedish DJ has already released four tracks from the impending album but that does not take away from the anticipation. Fans can also look forward to Alesso’s widely-known collaborations with Calvin Harris and One Republic on the album.

9. Major Lazer – Peace is the Mission (June 1)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Photo via Facebook – Major Lazer

The hype for this particular album has been building for a long time now and suspense is unbearable.

We have already heard Major Lazer with DJ Snake and MØ for “Lean On” as well as “Roll Up the Bass,” but there are even more awesome collaborations on this album that have yet to hit the airwaves.

Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Travi$ Scott, and even 2 Chainz stop by the studio for an unprecedented album of awesome.

Waiting for it might be a pain, as waiting for music from our favorite artists tends to be, but you can always vibe out to the gifts we have been given until the time comes.

10. Galantis – Pharmacy (June 8)

10 Massive EDM Album Releases to Watch for in 2015
Galantis – Photo via Facebook – Galantis

After incredible singles like “Gold Dust” and “Runaway” Galantis has been on a nonstop journey to the top of charts.

The Swedish dance duo released one of the tracks titled “Peanut Butter Jelly” from their upcoming album Pharmacy that brings a whole new feel to their music.

According to an interview with Rolling StoneKarlsson and Eklö are very excited for the fans’ reception of the album, including the surprising new sound that “Peanut Butter Jelly” puts on the table.

Whatever way you spin it, 2015 is shaping up to be a huge year packed with massive EDM album releases.

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