10 Effective EDM Pickup Lines to Help You Find Your Soulmate

edm pickup lines
Electronic music festivals are oozing with hungry souls, hot bodies, and sizzling singles.

Electronic music festivals are oozing with hungry souls, hot bodies, and sizzling singles.

It’s only natural to take a gander at the love-hungry breeding grounds in search of that electronic music lover to feed your soul.

Ticket holders of the top 50 electronic dance music festivals is reportedly two times higher than the number of attendees of concerts of all other music genres.

EDM festivals report an audience of nearly 4 million people ages 18 to 35 every year.

Even with all of these options in our festival environment, your chances of an epic first impression are quick and crucial, and that’s why it’s critical that you get straight to the point when hunting for a mate.

To help you to seal the deal, we’re here with some [questionable] EDM pickup lines.

  • Are you security?
    • Because you may need to investigate that bulge in my pants.
  • Are we in LA?
    • Because this is turning into quite the HARD Fest.
  • Are you camping at the festival?
    • Because I’ve already pitched us a tent.
  • Are your parents ghost producers?
    • Because I can’t believe they’re responsible for creating dat a**.
  • You must be waiting for the drop…
    • …of my pants.
  • You must be sold out.
    • Because I’m trying to find a way in.
  • There’s a private after party in my bedroom…
    • …and I’ve got you on the guest list.
  • Is your name Calvin Harris?
    • Because I’d drop $200k for a night with you.
  • Do you listen to sub-bass?
    • Because you just turned on my lower frequencies.
  • Do you know DJ Hazel?
    • Because I go two deeper.
edm pickup lines
Find your soulmate with these 10 effective EDM pickup lines!

The music is working on your side, too.  According to Tokyo’s Aoyama Gakuin University, both males and females are more likely to build a favorable impression and create intimacy with a partner when background music is present.

Thanks, festival gods.

On the other hand, if any of these conversation starters fail you, you can always rely on your trendy shuffling skills and fancy footwork to sweep a potential mate off their feet.

Got any pickup lines of your own?

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!


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