Yellow Claw Debuts Fiery Track “Love & War”

The election got you down? I know I’m coping by listening to EDC sets and new releases with the volume cranked all the way up. Music is healing.

Yellow Claw are one of the biggest names in the scene and they have teamed up with Yade Lauren to release a brand new track. Yellow Claw have previously collaborated with Lauren on “Invitation” which debuted a couple months ago. This new release is called “Love & War” and it certainly has helped me with my election-induced-anxiety healing process.

Lauren’s vocals combined with the DJ duo’s signature trap sound has resulted in a track that is sure to be a hit.

Yellow Claw - Love & War (feat. Yade Lauren)
Yellow Claw – Love & War (feat. Yade Lauren)

One of the things I love about Yellow Claw‘s trap sound is the way they incorporate vocals. I love trap but I also love having meaningful vocals in songs and Yellow Claw consistently accomplishes this. And if we’re going to be really honest with each other here, the lyrics hit home.

Whether this song is a homage to the veterans being honored, a commentary on the results of the election, or neither one of these, it is still a successful song. Lauren’s catchy line “So unfair, so unfair, so unfair to me” will resonate with listeners all over.

If you’re unhappy, stressed or just want some new music to listen to, Yellow Claw has you covered.

Listen to “Love & War” below:

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