You Will Never Recognize Calvin Harris Before His Makeover

calvin harris then and now
Photo – Facebook/Calvin Harris

Lifestyle of the rich and famous; Celebrities are known as the beautiful people.

Surely there are some that are just born lucky that way. However there are a lot of celebrities that undergo serious makeovers. From changing a hairstyle, exercising and a complete wardrobe change, it is amazing what becoming an EDM megastar and a little bit of cash can do for the way you look. Here is a fun fact that might surprise you:

Adam Richard Wiles, better known by his stage name Calvin Harris is a perfect example from a celebrity going from Not to HOT! The 31-year-old Scottish singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ first began his career with shaggy dark hair, baggy T-shirts, pale skin and an unkempt beard.

Calvin Harris then BOUNCED his way into an incredible makeover.

Now, six years later, he now has blonde groomed hair, chiseled jawline and a muscular body. Modeling for Armani underwear with his gorgeous looks and massive songs he is one of most well-known DJ/ music producer in the world.

Check out Calvin Harris, then and now:

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris, Then and Now.

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