How Ultra is One of the World’s Leading Environmental Electronic Music Festivals

When you think of environmentally friendly electronic music festivals people tend to say Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle or Oregon Eclipse, while a massive, inner-city festival like Ultra Music Festival would no be suspected of winning environmental awards, yet that is the news we share today.  Upon returning to Bayfront Park, ravers paid close mind on leaving a meaningful and positive impression for the world and particularly Francis X. Suarez, the Mayor of Miami.

The Ultra Music Festival press release around their sustainability program Mission: Home reads, “With over 30 initiatives focused on five objectives (Waste Reduction, Pollution Prevention, Nature Preservation, Community Engagement, and Climate Action), The Florida Festivals and Events Association (FFEA) awarded Ultra 1st place in Volunteer Program, 2nd place in Education Program, and tied for 2nd place in Sustainability Program, surpassed only by events that were fully-focused on sustainability.

Verified as “the most extensive sustainability program across leading U.S. electronic music festivals” by Miami-based environmental non-profit Debris Free Oceans, Ultra had 150+ volunteers assisting in park cleanup, education, and waste management; partnered up with CES Power and energy efficiency experts ZAP Concepts; created a new Student Volunteers Program to help the festival comply with its bans on styrofoam and other single-use plastics; and donated food to local homeless outreach center, Miami Rescue Mission.

The result of these efforts was a reduction of 1.1 million plastics and 85% of single-use plastic types; 128,000 pounds of waste diverted from landfill; a 28% fuel reduction; 2800 meals donated; 5.5 million people reached via an online campaign and 60 onsite festival educational opportunities; and recognition from international NGO Oceanic Global as a Blue Verified Business.”

Ultra Music Festival 2022 Mission : Home Environmental Program Rewards and Stats

Mission Home Ultra Music Festival 2022

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