Trance Artist Andrew Rayel Teases New Album and Announces World Tour

It is time to peek behind the scenes of Andrew Rayel‘s studio to see what magic has been developing by reviewing the tracklist for his new album, ‘Moments’. The album the trance family has been clamoring for will be released by Armada on May 5th, the day he will be in Vancouver during his world tour. This will be his first album release since, ‘Find Your Harmony’, in 2014.

Feast your eyes on the tracklist for Andrew Rayel’s new trance album, ‘Moments’.

Andrew Rayel photo Andrew Rayel 
Tracklist for ‘Moments’ Andrew Rayel’s new album photo via Andrew Rayel

Looking over the various collaborations within this album, it is fun to just imagine how these tracks will evoke a trance state. There will be some tracks propelled by the angelic vocals of Emma Hewitt and Christina Novelli while some others will be driven by the swirling thrust of Max Vangeli and KhoMha. Based on that, we can sense this album will be pulled together by a full spectrum of emotion.

It is clear that Andrew Rayel is a classically trained electronic artist based on how well he can pull emotion out of his trance music.

The music he creates expresses feelings in ways words cannot. His live sets and albums take us on a musical journey that may make you cry then make you want to dance and sing. He truly creates a unique sonic signature – one of piano power, harmonic balance and euphoric tales, the perfect ingredients for an enthralling trance track.

Andrew Rayel photo via Andrew Rayel

Andrew Rayel’s new album, ‘Moments’, will be accompanied with a world tour starting March 26th at Ultra Music Festival on the ‘A State of Trance’ stage.

Then he will be making his way around the globe controlling massive crowds at world-class venues and festivals with his ferocious and finely crafted live performances. Make sure to witness the magical experience Andrew Rayel creates that has earned him a slot on the main stage of Tomorrowland in Belgium and residency at the Marquee in Las Vegas.

Andrew Rayel photo Andrew Rayel 
Andrew Rayel at the Marquee Dayclub Las Vegas photo Andrew Rayel

Check out the dates and locations of Andrew Rayel’s Moments tour below:

Moments tour Andrew Rayel

You can guarantee Andrew is doing his research on how to tweak each set based on various factors that make playing at each location unique. Sometimes he will surprise the crowd with his custom laser show. His goal is to create something special, a musical experience that takes you to a higher level. A level that is unimaginable, a level in which harmony, love, and happiness co-exist.

I believe music is a universal language that unites people with nothing but love. I intend to make sure that my tracks are all about emotions and happiness. That’s what’s driving music, making the world a better place. -Andrew Rayel

The trance fam is craving more of Andrew Rayel’s magic dancing dust.

Listen to the first single off ‘Moments’ called, ‘I’ll Be There’, featuring Eric Lumiere:

With trance legends like Armin van Buuren calling him “the future of trance music” and an extremely loyal fan base, Andrew Rayel is virtually unstoppable. To show your love for this Moldovan native, use #ARmoments on all his socials. Also, keep up with his vibes through his radio show, ‘Find Your Harmony’.

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